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What happens when a book nerd becomes a birdspotter?

Hi, I'm Kerry, a giant book nerd and amateur birding enthusiast.

When my kids flew the nest for university, I found myself with time on my hands -- so I began creating my own small-batch seed blends for the birds at our family's backyard feeders.

As I  began jotting down who was visiting our feeders, when and what they were eating, I learned how to watch and listen closely and be mindful of what was happening around me. 

Even now, birdwatching encourages me to see the little things I might not otherwise have noticed. And what I've discovered is that it's the little things that matter most of all.

Inspired by my love of books and birding, I'm excited to share with you my new collection of handmixed wild birdseed mixes.

Happy birding!

Kerry Cowboy Hat.jpg

"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul..." ~ Emily Dickinson

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